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Creative Services

What type of projects does Creative Services produce?

Creative Services designs a variety of printed and digital projects, including brochures, graphic marks (logos), reports, invitations, posters, banners and more. If you would like more information, contact Traci at

How do I request a project?

Submit a work order

How long does a project take to produce?

A project can usually be produced within 3 weeks although that timeline may not include printing. Once a project request has been reviewed, a more detailed timeline will be provided.

Is there a charge for design?

There is no fee for most of our design services. We evaluate each project as it comes in.

Is there a charge for printing and who manages the process?

Printing costs will be charged to the provided MOCODE once an estimate has been approved by the client.

Where do I find the official logo for the university?

You can download a copy of the block UMSL logo at

I designed a logo for my department/college/unit/organization, am I able to use it?

Always reach out to us to meet your unit needs.

I designed something for my department/college but I’m not sure it’s on brand, who should I ask?

Email Traci at for review.

Does Creative Services or MarCom create videos?

We work on some institutional videos internally, but we usually contract with outside vendors to meet most videos. We have a short list of resources we can provide upon request.

Public Relations and Content

I want to pitch a story about a student, program, faculty or staff member for UMSL Daily, UMSL Magazine or the broader media market. What should I do?

We love to receive story ideas about people in the UMSL community who are excelling or making an impact. Please reach out to Steve at or any other member of the contact team to share those ideas. The team will discuss your ideas during a weekly editorial meeting to determine if they’re a good fit, realizing that we aim to showcase the full breadth of the university.

I would like help writing and distributing a press release about a project I’m working on. What should I do?

If you have a project that is newsworthy beyond just an UMSL audience, we can assist you with trying to get that story out to a wider audience in local, regional or national media. We can help draft press releases and play a lead role in their distribution or we can pitch stories directly to news reporters. Contact Steve at or other members of the content team to discuss those projects.

Web and Digital Communications

How do I get access to update/edit a website?

Sign-up for new user training. Once training is complete, you will receive permissions to access your portion of the website.

What if I want a new website?

New websites, or additions to existing websites, can be added by contacting Jenny at or Tim at or by filling out the Site Request form.

How do I add an item to the event calendar?

Visit to submit an event. If your event is in Triton Connect, it will be added automatically. Questions? Contact Michael at

I want to have social media coverage for an event or would like UMSL to share something for my organization/department. Who should I contact?

Contact Valerie at and we will work posts into our content calendar when we can.

How should I properly create an email signature?

Use the email signature generator

Marketing/Paid Advertising

What do I do if I want to have paid advertising coordinated or produced?

Contact Justin at to share your needs, budget, key messages and outcomes associated with the effort.


Questions for Print or Mail Services? Visit their website.