DAS contracted servicesThrough UMSL Disability Access Services, accommodations are made for individual students who have noted needs and disabilities.  Along with these services, different levels of assistance are granted to certain students who meet the criteria for additional services.

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Paraquad will empower people with disabilities to increase their independence through choice and opportunity.


  • Respect, integration, equal access, opportunities, self-determination, informed choice and individual control for and by people with disabilities.

  • People with disabilities having control of their own lives and any necessary supports or assistance.

  • Full diversity within the organization, our programs and society at large in terms of race, color, religion, age, national origin, sex, sexual orientation (real or perceived), gender identity, gender expression, disability or veteran status.

  • Personal commitment and action to shape the future of the organization and the independent living movement.

  • A work environment characterized by mutual respect, open communication and teamwork.

  • People with disabilities taking a role in the policy and political decisions that impact their lives.

Quality Transcription Specialists (QTS) logo

QTS offers Closed Captioning Real Time (CART) services for students with certain noted disabilities. These services allow for students to attend college classes with ease and with the assistance necessary for equal opportunity.  

Rehabilitation for the blind logo.Rehabilitation for the Blind's mission is to create opportunities for eligible blind and visually impaired persons in order that they may attain personal and vocational success. Rehabilitation Services for the Blind (RSB) provides services to people with varying degrees of visual impairment, ranging from those who cannot read regular print to those who are totally blind.