All buildings on the University of Missouri-St. Louis campus are architecturally accessible.

They contain elevators and an accessible entrance for students with mobility impairments as well as for wheelchairs. Structural accessibility is an on-going process on the UMSL campus. The Program Director of Disability Access Services will assist in making all programs and academic courses accessible to students with disabling conditions. Doing this, however, sometimes involves creative scheduling of courses or occasional moving a course to another classroom.

The University of Missouri-St. Louis campus is divided into two sections, North Campus and South Campus. The interactive campus maps in this section will be useful for accessibility purposes, identification of buildings, and accessible parking. The maps will only detail information on those buildings where a student would need access for either classes or meetings with staff or faculty. Accessible parking areas are indicated on the maps by the handicap symbol.

Campus Maps

Please do not hesitate to contact the Program Director at 314-516-5671 for accessibility information or questions you may have.