The UMSL Facilities Management department recognizes that you want to know what's happening on campus!

A proactive and comprehensive communications strategy is critical to the success at UMSL - find the UMSL FM Communications Plan outlined here. UMSL Facilities Management aims to provide the highest level of service by communicating planned and unplanned events in a way that aids our community’s ability to conduct teaching, research, service, and learning. UMSL FM supports the University's mission, vision and core values -- and is working to keep the campus informed as we keep our campus running smoothly.



To order PPE or request a facility modification, please speak to your supervisor. Department leaders may request supplies via this request form

You must be logged in to Google Drive using your umsystem.edu email address to access this form.

We have a team monitoring these requests, and filling the order same-day for pickup.  Currently we have masks and other cleaning supplies related to COVID-19. 

Departmental specific PPE (such as gloves, special eye protection and other department-specific items) will still be provided by individual departments.

If you are requesting a facility modfication, after you complete the form, we will contact you to set up an appointment with our Operations Manager to look at the overall facility area in your space and discuss the following:
·         HVAC modifications due to COVID-19
·         Custodial Services
·         Signage
·         Plexi-glass screen walls (if necessary)
·         Furniture arrangement



Fall 2021 - Searching for Student Custodians, Clerical Workers & Sustainability Assistants

The Facilities Management department has openings for student workers. Please review the position descriptions and application process on the UMSL Career Services webpage. Students are invited to complete the applications found at http://bit.ly/UMSLFMstudentjobs or inquire with smaistrlak@umsl.edu for more information.