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How to Request Another Space on Campus: The Space Request Process

The purpose of this directive is to promote the most effective use of the University’s physical facilities.

Space requests will be initiated by the department desiring space modifications by having a Space Request Form approved by their Dean or Vice Chancellor. The request will then be submitted to Facilities Management for analysis and Physical Facilities Committee recommendation. Approval of space requests will be made by the Chancellor’s office, taking the recommendations of Facilities Management and the Physical Facilities Committee into consideration.

Please use the Space Request form. This form contains additional information that may be useful in beginning your project. When complete, please return the form to Facilities Management via email.

The Space Request Forms are to be used to request additional space or changes to how you're using your existing space.

If you need project estimates, remodels, major facility improvements, and new facilities, please use the Project Request Forms. If you need to request a maintenance service for repairs, please report the problem using our work order system.