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International Initiatives

HTC Foundation (Taiwan) – we have entered into an ongoing partnership with the HTC Foundation in Taiwan to both promote quality character education in Taiwan and to support the general work of the CCC. HTC has made a 10-year commitment to the CCC, has funded a multi-year year project to create a blended learning version of our Leadership Academy in Character Education, brought a team of Taiwanese principals to UMSL for training, and supports professional development for Taiwanese educators in Taiwan by Dr. Marvin W. Berkowitz, CCC Co-Director.

Coalition for Character Building and Community (Kenya) – we have been supporting the CCBC in Kenya for years.  We have supplied the bulk of their library and electronic equipment for use in professional development across the country.  Dr. Marvin W. Berkowitz, CCC Co-Director has mentored the CCBC Executive Director, Arthur Oyange.  The CCC has brought him to UMSL for training and arranged for him to earn CHARACTERplus Basic Certification.  We are also partially supporting his education in Kenya.

Jubilee Centre for Character and Values (Great Britain) – The CCC is a partner in the establishment of the new JCCV in Birmingham England. Dr. Marvin W. Berkowitz, CCC Co-Director, has been invited to advise the JCCV Director, Professor James Arthur, in designing the JCCV and will be featured at the inaugural meeting of the JCCV in December 2012.

Project on School Climate and Whole Child Education (China) – Dr. Marvin W. Berkowitz, CCC Co-Director, is part of a new project funded by UNESCO in collaboration with the People’s Republic of China Ministry of Education to promote positive school climates in order to better educate the whole child in Chinese schools.

National Character Education (Singapore) – The CCC will be sponsoring the professional development of a member of the Singapore Ministry of Education to be trained by Drs. Marvin W. Berkowitz and Wolfgang Althof, Co-Directors.  We have had numerous opportunities to advise members of the MOE in the past.  Dr. Melinda Bier will be keynoting a character education conference in September.