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MoGEA and MOCA Tests

The Missouri General Education Assessment test (MoGEA) is a state general content examination, and a student must demonstrate competency either by passing the test or submitting equivalency scores in order for formal entrance into its Teacher Education Program. UMSL requires MoGEA scores of 220 on MoGEA Reading and Math subtests and 193 for Writing. The Science and Social Studies subtest is NOT required by UMSL or the state of Missouri. Equivalency scores that UMSL will accept are as follows:

  • ACT Composite score: 20
  • SAT Composite score: 1040
  • Elementary MOCA (tests 073 and 074) score of 220 on each subtest
  • State Paraprofessional exam: 220

The MoGEA and other Pearson tests may be taken at UMSL's Testing Center.

The Missouri Content Assessment (MOCA) is a required education content examination for state certification. We advise undergraduates to take this test during the first semester of their teaching Practicum. Graduate alternative certification students must pass this test prior to beginning their program. The passing scores for all tests is 220.

Students can learn more and register for tests at www.mo.nesinc.com.  

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