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Ten Academic Tips

Academic success is part intellect, part strategy, and part luck.

  1. Prepare to succeed. Success is like good food; it calls for seconds.

  2. Attend class. You pay to be in school in human and material resources.

  3. Make a friend and exchange phone numbers. When you miss class, you need to know what you missed.

  4. Know your professors' office hours. Go in the beginning, in the middle and before exams. Contrary to popular myth, professors want you to succeed.

  5. Talk with other students about course loads, professors' expectations, and departmental requirements.

  6. Make an appointment with your advisor at least twice each semester. 

  7. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.  Work your strengths. 

  8. Use campus support networks. Tutorials and study groups do make a difference.

  9. Keep employers, friends, and family informed about your academic aspirations.

  10. Dwell on the positive and step to it!