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Explore the variety of specialty areas and careers associated with Cybersecurity [Get Started Here]

  • National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education and DHS jointly developed the Cybersecurity Workforce Framework. It is a great way to explore the many specialty areas in cybersecurity as well as the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) associated with them. View the interactive page.
  • A lot of other resources also appear on the NICCS site


Security Training and Free Certification Preparation Material for Active Government Employees, members of the military, and US Veterans

  • If you are a current government employee or member of the military, please visit FedVTE
  • If you are a US veteran, please visit: Hire our Heroes


Cyber Competitions

Competitions are a great way to learn and practice your defense and offense cybersecurity skills. And they are lots of fun!


Scholarship Opportunities for Students


Security Resources for the Community


Security Resources for Businesses (particularly relevant for small/medium size businesses)


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Web Application Security (broadly Software Security and Assurance):


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