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Click here to Register for the Advanced Credit Program.

  • Important Information about Registering with the Advanced Credit Program: 
  • Fall 2023 registration will be open from Monday, August 21st until Wednesday, September 13th.
  • Spring 2024 Registration will be open from Thursday, January 04th until Sunday, February 04th.
  • For registration instructions, use this Prezi
  • A Google or Yahoo account is required for each student. This ensures that students do not register multiple times, and allows students to re-enter the registration site if necessary.
    • If two students from the same family are registering, they cannot use the same Google or Yahoo account

  • No payment is due at the time of registration. Bills are mailed to the student's address after registration closes and all applications are processed. No late registrations are accepted. 

  • When a student finishes applying, their parent or guardian will automatically be sent an email which allows them to electronically approve their student. Parent approval is due by the close of registration. Please enter correct email addresses or we may not be able to process your application, and you will not receive credit. 

    • Fall 2023 Parent Appoval closes Thursday, September 14th.
    • Spring 2024 Parent Approval closes Monday, February 05th.
  • Registration is not complete until students registers, parents approve the registration, and the student's high school verifies the student's enrollment. Our office will contact school counselors for enrollment verification. 


International Students

International students or students that do not have a social security number can print and fill out the pdf form and mail it to our office or return it to their school guidance counselor so they can fax it to us.

Vision Statement

The Advanced Credit Program (ACP) at the University of Missouri-St. Louis will be known as a premier provider of dual credit programming, creating opportunities for qualified high school students to make a seamless transition to higher education.  

Mission Statement

The Advanced Credit Program (ACP) is a partnership linking the University of Missouri to high schools in the metropolitan St. Louis area to enable eligible high school students to take high-quality, lower-division college courses on their high school campus.

240 North JC Penney Building
1 University Blvd.
St. Louis, MO

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    (314) 516-7004
Fall 2023 Semester
August 21 Fall 2023 Online Registration Open
September 13 Fall 2023 Registration Closes
Dec. 1 Drop date for fee reimbursement
Jan 15 Grades Due
Spring 2024 Semester
January 4 Spring 2024 Registration opens
February 4 Spring 2024 Registration closes
April 1 Drop date for fee reimbursement
June 15 Grades due