Campus Visits

Adjunct faculty and students are welcome to visit the University of Missouri-St. Louis. In fact, several departments schedule programs designed especially for Advanced Credit Program students. These programs may include lectures by on-campus faculty, classroom or laboratory visits, and library and campus tours. Adjunct faculty members are encouraged to take advantage of every aspect of the Advanced Credit Program experience.

Adjunct faculty who wish to visit the campus with their students may do so by calling the ACP office at 314-516-7005. When visiting the campus, students should carry their student ID cards along with a photo ID.

Library tours provide information about the many services available to students and teachers. Large groups wishing to visit the library must complete an On-Campus Request form.

A class wishing to exchange temporary ID cards for picture ID cards during their campus visit may do so at the Office of Admissions. The Advanced Credit Program office should be notified in advance of the visit.

Advanced Credit Program students and adjunct faculty are encouraged to attend campus events and open houses sponsored by the Admissions office. Information regarding campus visits and/or campus events is available from the Advanced Credit Program office or faculty liaisons.

Parking spaces for visitors are designated on campus (see campus map). These spaces should be used to avoid receiving parking violation tickets.