Civic Action Plan

Civic engagement and community collaborations have always been at the heart of the University of Missouri – St. Louis (UMSL).  As a land grant institution, it is built into our mission.  As a member of Campus Compact, we work alongside institutions across the nation to advance the public purposes of higher education by supporting community-based teaching, learning, research, and practice to improve community life and educate students for civic and social responsibility. View the Civic Action Plan here.

  • If you are a student wanting to find out how to put your citizenship in action, please click HERE.
  • To find out more about service opportunities and UMSL philanthropy, click HERE.
  • Information about upcoming elections, voter education, and voter registration can be found HERE. 


UMSL Excellence in Civic Engagement Awards

The UMSL Excellence in Civic Engagement Award honors three individuals (one UMSL
Student, one UMSL Staff member, and one UMSL Faculty member) who demonstrate sustained
commitment to civic engagement, both on and off-campus. Model characteristics for the award
MAY include, but not limited to:

• Actively participates in the democratic process (e.g., votes in elections)
• Participates or maintains membership in civic organizations or activities
• Holds Leadership roles within such organizations
• Actively encourages others to be engaged in civic opportunities such as advisory boards,
local/regional government committees, etc.
• Collaborates with others to create and implement new opportunities for civic
engagement, both at UMSL and in the surrounding community
• Engages in scholarly pursuit of civic engagement, such as analyzing election data for use
in strategic planning

View the flyer here.