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Undergraduate Computer Science Research Recommendation

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science actively encourages computer science undergraduates to be involved in research related activities. Generally, a student must have completed at least 9 hours of courses at level 2XXX and above, and have departmental GPA of at least 3.0 to participate in any research related activity. However, the decision to involve a student in research always depends on the topic, the faculty, and circumstances. We encourage the students to familiarize themselves with each faculty's research and approach those whose work is most interesting to them. A typical method of establishing contact and relationship is by taking courses with the faculty, or just by personal visits. To promote these kinds of research activities, the department has an individual research course (CmpSci 4880) which leads to credits for research-related activities. Faculty members are also encouraged to apply for funding available for participating students, including those provided by CAS, campus, and internal departmental funds. In addition, well performing students have better chances in getting some of the departmental scholarships.