Independent Studies, Internship, Project and Research Opportunities For Undergraduate and Graduate Students in the Department of Computer Science

In addition to regularly offered required and elective courses, the department offers a number of courses to serve more specialized faculty and student needs:

  • CmpSci 4880/5880 – research or projects for undergraduate/graduate students
  • CmpSci 3990/5900 – internships for undergraduate/graduate students

Cmp Sci 4880/5880

These courses are available each semester and in the summer. The purpose of these courses is twofold:

To help a student interested in a specific area or topic, for which a regular course is not available, to study that subject for credit. In this case, the student having such interests and needs should find a suitable faculty agreeing to supervise such a course.

Undergraduates should start with talking to their departmental advisor and review information on undergraduate research.
Graduate students should talk to their faculty advisor as listed in MyView.

To help faculty find students to work on specific research, sponsored or need projects. In such cases, faculty advertise such opportunities directly to students through their courses or through emails. However, students are welcome to ask about any opportunities , asking in class, going directly to faculty, or asking departmental advisors. 
This kind of work can be both for credit and also possibly for pay, and may lead to full or part time research assistantships as well. You may find research interests here, and undergraduates should also review this page

In either case, after the student and the faculty both agree on a specific individual study or project, the faculty contacts departmental admin to issue a registration permit number to the student if registering for the class.

Cmp Sci 3990/5900

These courses allow undergraduate and graduate students to get credit for internships/co-op. A student must find a faculty sponsor to register prior to the internship/co-op. For more information, see course descriptions. 

This credit does not apply for permanent positions, which can possibly produce PLA credits see an advisor.

International student can take outside internships/co-op when registering for the course, subject to federal regulations handled by the UMSL Global office. Note that we generally allow FT (40 hours) internship/co-op only in the summer or in your last semester.