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This part of the day will be divided into two sessions, each for 30 minutes. During each session, you may choose to attend one of the available concurrent workshops from the following topics:

Workshop 1 (MSC 313): Careers in Bank Regulation

Workshop 2 (MSC 314): Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Careers

Workshop 3 (MSC 315): Careers in International Finance

Workshop 4 (MSC 316): Careers in Real Estate Finance

Workshop 5 (Century Rooms/MSC 312): Careers in Wealth Management

Workshop 1: Careers in Bank Regulation

Millennium Student Center Room 313

Workshop 2: Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Careers

Millennium Student Center Room 314

Workshop 3: Careers in International Finance

Millennium Student Center Room 315

Workshop 4: Careers in Real Estate Finance 

Millennium Student Center Room 316

Jim Reid Headshot

Jim Reid
President at RECO Development


Courtney Taylor
Finance Club Director of Operations at UMSL

Workshop 5: Careers in Wealth Management

Millennium Student Center Century Room (312)

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