It is one thing to lecture to a group of students about an experience in aging, and quite another to share the perspectives of someone who has lived a long, rich life. The UMSL Life Review Project is first and foremost a teaching effort. Older adults who tell their life stories are asked to sign a consent form to allow short, de-identified clips of their interviews to be used for teaching purposes by University of Missouri faculty. These clips enrich the learning experiences of our students immensely. We are grateful to the hundreds of past participants who now serve as "co-instructors" in our classrooms each week.

The Gerontology Video Library (GVL) has been a work in progress since the beginning of the Life Review Project in 2007. We are presently partnering with IT Services to provide access to clips on a full range of issues in aging (retirement, widowhood, grief, coping with illness, caregiving, volunteerism, wartime service, etc.) for faculty to access through the Blackboard Platform. UMSL faculty may utilize the GLV with permission. Contact Dr. Meuser for details.

Sample Teaching Videos:


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