Transfer Services



"Transferring to UMSL from Forest Park was my best decision yet. All of my classes transferred with ease to junior-level status. The classes I took at Forest Park really prepared me for the coursework at UMSL, particularly for the writing assignments my classes now require. I also am able to maintain my status as an honors student at UMSL. As a member of Phi Theta Kappa at Forest Park, I believe my participation in leadership, scholarship, fellowship and service opportunities through Phi Theta Kappa allow me to confront all of my challenges with assured confidence."

Camila T. Buechler
Media Studies, UMSL

"The number of books assigned per class and the amount of time you spend studying is truly a shock, and I think that the workload is the biggest hurdle for many students who attend UMSL. I have found that my classes at UMSL require more writing and reading, but I think St. Louis Community College-Forest Park prepared me for the increase -- my foundation was very strong. The reason I think I am doing so well now is because of the Forest Park Honors program, and participating in Phi Theta Kappa as well. Having tough instructors taught me to push myself for the long-distance race."

Robert A. Jones
English, UMSL