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What is the Dual Admission Program?
The Dual Admission Program (DAP) makes it possible to be jointly admitted and/or enrolled at both Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC) and the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL). It provides students with opportunities to complete a baccalaureate degree more easily with access to resources at both SWIC and UMSL.

Is the program open to anyone?
First-time college students who enroll at SWIC and also meet UMSL's first-time college student admission requirements are eligible to participate in DAP right away. As a transfer student, you are eligible to join provided you meet UMSL's minimum admission requirements. SWIC students who have completed 45 or more college credit hours will not be eligible to participate in DAP and will follow standard application and admissions procedures for UMSL.

Can international students apply for this program?
Yes. The UMSL domestic admissions criteria apply to admission for U.S. citizens and permanent resident aliens who attended high school in the United States (first-year students) and those with previous study in the United States (transfer students).

Admission for permanent resident aliens who attended high school outside the United States and international first-year students requires official transcripts showing successful completion of secondary school with a GPA of 2.0 or better. They also must have a minimum TOEFL score of 500 (paper-based, 173 computer-based, 61 Internet-based) or SAT/ACT (for permanent residents only).

Admission for permanent resident aliens transferring from universities outside the United States and international transfer students requires official transcripts showing a minimum 2.0 GPA from previous postsecondary coursework, the minimum TOEFL score of 500 (paper-based, 173 computer-based, 61 Internet-based) or SAT/ACT (for permanent residents only).

International applicants to SWIC must fulfill the International Student admission requirements.  You can access this information by going to and clicking the International Students link in the Enrollment Services box.  (International students cannot apply to SWIC online; they must fill out the paper application). 

Also, international students will need to contact Janice Sanders at 618-235-2700, ext. 5444 or by email at   

Note about Immigration Documents: SWIC will be responsible for the initial I-20. Your I-20 will be transferred to UMSL when you start to take classes full time at UMSL.

Where do I apply?
General admission applications are available at both SWIC and UMSL. However, if you are interested in admission to the DAP program, you must meet with the SWIC DAP representative or UMSL DAP representative on your community college campus in order to process this application and the Intent to Participate form.

What is the Intent to Participate form?
This is a contract that students who wish to participate in the DAP must complete and submit. This document will be kept in your student file on both UMSL and SWIC campuses. The Statement of Intent to Participate form also serves as a Release of Information that authorizes SWIC and UMSL to share appropriate admissions, financial, academic and advising information concerning your enrollment and performance.

Who decides if I get admitted?
First-time and transfer applications must meet the criteria for both institutions. The UMSL admission criteria are more selective than those of SWIC. For first-time college student admission requirements at UMSL, visit

What student services will be available?
DAP students will have access to all SWIC student services including computer labs, libraries and career/employment services. DAP students will have access to UMSL computer labs, Health Services, Eye Care Services, the Mark Twain Athletic Complex, student activities, Center for Student Success for a DAP student fee assessed at the rate applied to one credit hour of attendance. This is optional for DAP students and is charged by the semester. See your UMSL advisor for more details.

How do I pay the DAP student fee?
Your payment can be made at the Cashier's office, Room 285 of the Millennium Student Center, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday and Tuesday, and 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. Cashierstations accept payment in cash (U.S. dollars only), money order, check or pin-based MasterCard or Visa debit card.

What tuition do I pay?
Tuition and fees are based on the number of credits you register for. SWIC tuition and fees will be assessed for SWIC courses, and UMSL tuition and fees are assessed for UMSL courses. The rate varies depending on your residency classification (district residents, other Missouri residents, out-of-state residents and international students). At UMSL, students are eligible for the Metropolitan Fee (Missouri in-state fees for residents of St. Clair, Monroe, Madison, and Jersey counties)

How will I be billed? What are my payment options?
The UMSL Cashier's office offers several payment options. Please visit the Web site at

SWIC offers payment and payment plan options to assist you in paying your tuition and fees.  Each Business Office location handles all payments and payment arrangements.  SWIC students who register early can access their billing information on their eSTORM account at  For more information on the SWIC payment information visit   

What scholarships are available to DAP students?
DAP students are eligible for all SWIC scholarships available.
DAP students are eligible for all transfer scholarships provided they meet applicant eligibility at the time of transfer to UMSL. SWIC students also are eligible for the Community College President's Scholarship.

What other financial aid is available?
You are eligible for the same aid programs available to all students. Availability is based on the date you complete the FAFSA application files and your eligibility status. DAP students are expected to abide by the financial aid policies and procedures set by the campus evaluating and awarding financial aid.

Will I receive financial aid from both SWIC and UMSL?
No. You can only receive financial aid at one institution for the term in which you are registered. Even though you may be dually enrolled, one institution will be designated the "home" institution and that institution will disburse your check.

Who decides which school is the "home" institution?
Based on your immediate degree objective and enrollment, SWIC and UMSL Financial Aid offices will coordinate which office will be the "home" institution for aid purposes.

How will my tuition be calculated?
You will be billed the appropriate (based on residency status) SWIC and UMSL tuition and fees, and will be billed separately by each school.

When is financial aid disbursed? 
All financial aid requirements must be completed before there is a disbursement. UMSL financial aid office begins the disbursement process 10 days before each semester.

Can I use my Work Study from the "home school" at the other school? 
The earnings from Work Study are spent at the discretion of the student.

Do I need to attend an orientation program at both SWIC and UMSL?
There will be a DAP student orientation program at your SWIC campus that you will be required to attend. It will be hosted jointly by UMSL and SWIC.

How and where do I register for classes?
It is expected that SWIC Dual Admission students meet with a counselor to choose their courses.  For classes at SWIC, you may register in person at the Enrollment Services Office or by Telephone Registration at 618-235-2700, ext. 5455.  Once a student has been at SWIC for a semester, they will be eligible to enroll online through their eSTORM account  

As a new student to UMSL, you will be required to meet with an academic advisor to complete the registration process. Once enrolled you may conveniently register for future semesters in a variety of ways. For more detailed information, visit the Registrar Web site at

When do I register for courses?
As a DAP student, you will follow the same registration procedure at SWIC as other students. Should you decide to attend/enroll at UMSL prior to transfer, you will be allowed to pre-register for UMSL classes with other continuing students. Continuing students may register for UMSL spring classes the first week in November and for summer and fall classes the first week in April.

Am I eligible for housing at UMSL?
Yes. Anyone enrolled as a student at UMSL or another higher education institution in the St. Louis area may live at University Meadows, a student apartment community on the UMSL south campus.

Will I need parking permits to park at SWIC and UMSL?
Yes. You will need parking permits for both institutions.   Parking Permits at SWIC are free and can be picked up at the Public Safety Office on the Belleville and Sam Wolf Granite City campuses and in the Student Development Office on the Red Bud Campus.

As a DAP student and enrolled at SWIC, if you need to park at UMSL and are not currently enrolled in UMSL classes, your parking sticker will be charged at the fee rate applied to one credit hour. As an enrolled student at UMSL, you will be required to pay the sticker fee based on the number hours you are taking.

How will I get between SWIC and UMSL if I don't have a car?
SWIC campuses and UMSL are located on major mass transit routes, and the UMSL campus has two MetroLink stops.

Where can I go to get help if I am having difficulty with my classes?
DAP students have access to student academic support services at both SWIC and UMSL.  At SWIC, you need a SWIC Student ID Card in order to use the Success Centers. The mission of the Success Center is to supplement and enhance classroom instruction by assisting students in developing the skills and strategies to become confident, independent and active learners.

At UMSL, the Center for Student Success in Room 225 of the Millennium Student Center can assist with study skills as well as provide referrals to specific supplemental instruction/tutoring available through academic departments. The Math and Writing labs are available to all students.

Do I need to take placement assessments at both SWIC and UMSL?
At SWIC, all transferrable degree-seeking students are required to take COMPASS.  This is a computerized placement test to assess your skill level in the areas of English and math.  Following the test, you will need to meet with a counselor to receive and review your results, and determine coursework appropriate to your academic skills and chosen program of study. 

SWIC in-district students who have participated in the ASSET assessment test at their high school are considered to have completed the placement test requirement.

The COMPASS placement test is required of all degree-seeking students unless academic credentials are submitted that qualify students to take such courses without testing. SWIC may waive all or part of the entry assessment if students provide written documentation.

If you have successfully completed College Algebra with a grade of C- of better, you will not be required to take a math placement exam at UMSL. If that is not the case, in order to register for math courses, you will have to take the UMSL math placement test to place in Math 1020 Contemporary Math or Math 1030 College Algebra. Students may place directly into Math 1100 Basic Calculus with an ACT Math score of 26 or higher. Student may place directly into Math 1800 Calculus I with an ACT Math score of 26 or higher and a 7 or higher on the UMSL Trigonometry Placement Test. A student's score on the Missouri Math Placement Test can be substituted for the ACT Math score. See for details of qualifying for math courses at UMSL.

How do I arrange for special accommodations if I have a disability?
At SWIC, the Special Services Center offers support services and accommodations for students and prospective students with special needs.  Special needs may be related to disabilities, finances, academics, limited English proficiency or displaced homemaker/single parent issues.  To qualify for services, students must set up an appointment with the Special Services office and provide written documentation of their disabilities from qualified professional agencies. This declaration should be made at least six weeks prior to the beginning of each semester so that accommodations can be in place when classes begin. 
At UMSL, students are encouraged to contact Disability Access Services at 144 MSC, 314-516-6554, mditto@umsl.eduto register, request and arrange for classroom accommodations.

Am I eligible to use the child care services at SWIC and UMSL?
SWIC operates a licensed child care center, called Kids’ Club, on the Belleville Campus.  For more information, please visit   
Visit UMSL at

I will need to use the libraries at both schools. How does this work?
Use a SWIC ID card at the community college library and a UMSL card at the UMSL libraries. This will ensure that students get the maximum privileges to which they are entitled.

Where do I buy books? What are the policies for returns, buy-backs?
At UMSL, the bookstore, located in the Millennium Student Center, is owned and operated by the university and is the official headquarters for all textbooks, general reading materials and university clothing and gifts.

Each semester textbooks may be returned for a full refund one week after the first day of class with receipt, and provided they (new books) have not been written in or damaged.

Each semester during final exams the bookstore will buy back your textbooks. If the book is being used again the bookstore pays one half of the new price (even if you purchased it used). For additional information: 
Phone: 314-516-5763; Web site:

The Southwestern Illinois College bookstores at the Belleville and Sam Wolf Granite City campuses are operated by Barnes &Noble Bookstores.  A temporary store is operated on our Red Bud Campus at the beginning and the end of the semester.  Both full bookstores offer textbooks, merchandise and services to support the educational needs of our students. The bookstores also carry a wide variety of SWIC apparel, gifts, and general school supplies. 

Textbook buyback occurs in the Belleville and Sam Wolf Granite City bookstores the last two weeks of the Fall and Spring semesters, and the last week of the Summer term. Buyback dates at the Red Bud Campus will be announced near the end of the Fall and Spring semesters. You will be paid up to 50 percent for your books if the instructor uses it the following semester. If not, you will be offered a “wholesale” price for your books.

Are health services available at both SWIC and UMSL?
SWIC does not provide any health services.  In case of emergency or illness, students should contact the Public Safety Office.  The college reserves the right to call Public Safety if a situation merits such action.  
Services of Health, Wellness & Counseling are available at UMSL to any student paying the Health Services Fee.

Is there health insurance available for me to insure myself and my family while I am attending college?
At SWIC, students can purchase accident and sickness insurance through a student carrier.  The college does not endorse the plan but makes it available to students who find the program useful.  Students interested can contact the Assistant to the Vice President for Instruction at 618-235-2700, ext. 5211.   
Health insurance is available to students taking credit hours and physically attending classes on the UMSL campus. For specific coverage information, visit