Just How Do I Go About Signing Up?

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General Registration Information

Eligible participants may choose from individual, dual, or team activities. Male, female, and coed activities are organized on various skill levels. Specific information pertaining to activities and their entry dates may be found in the Rec Sports Office and in various information resources throughout the campus community.

To Enter

Individuals and/or teams interested in participating in an intramural activity should pick up an entry form from the Rec Sports Office, 203 Mark Twain, 9:00am-5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

In order to be included in the competition, the entry form must be completed in full and returned to the office before 5:00pm of the entry deadline date.

A $10.00 forfeit fee must accompany a team's entry form. There is no fee required for individual sports or for individuals who sign up for a team sport without having a team.

Entry fees for eligible alumni and community members must be paid in full at time of registration.

Telephone entries are not accepted.

Individual/Dual Sports Registration

Persons interested in participating in an individual or dual sport, such as racquetball or tennis, must rate themselves as Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced and enter that respective division. Although our staff makes an effort to offer all three classes in our individual sport tournaments, it is sometimes necessary to combine divisions in instances where there are two few entries in a particular division.

Any participant who has a divisional championship in singles must play in the next higher class in all future competition.

Scheduling of many individual sport tournaments is done according to player's availability. On the entry form, participants are asked to indicate all days and times that they are able to play during the tournament dates. Every effort is made by the staff to schedule matches accordingly.

For first round match schedules, players should call our office, 516-5326, on the Friday before competition. Tournament rules and draws are also posted on the office door at this time.

Team Sports Registration

There are no pre-determined teams or leagues here at UMSL. Participants have the opportunity to make up their own teams from classmates, spouses, faculty/staff members, etc. Get your friends together, form a team and enter the activity of your choice.

Persons interested in participating in a team sport program are encouraged to select a responsible member of the group to serve as team manager. It is that individual's duty to secure the necessary information from each team member, complete the entry form properly, and return it with their team's $10.00 forfeit fee to our office before the entry deadline date.

Teams may request that they "not be scheduled" for particular days or times which may be inconvenient. Such requests must be written on the entry form at the time it is submitted. It should be noted that these are requests only and will be honored if possible. Such requests on team schedules cannot be honored during the championship playoffs.

League formats will be determined by the number of teams entered. Schedules may be picked up in our office on the Friday before competition is scheduled to begin.

Individuals who can't form a team, may also enter. Every effort will be made by the staff to place these individuals on a team.

Team Forfeit Fees

To minimize defaults, a $10.00 forfeit fee per team entry is required. The forfeit fee must accompany team's entry form.

The forfeit fee will be refunded in full if your team forfeits no contests and participates according to the intramural eligibility rules. Refund requests must be made by team manager before end of academic year. All forfeit fees that are not picked up by the last day of Winter semester will be deposited into a Campus Recreation account and will not be refunded.

Forfeit fees are transferable from one sport to another throughout the school year provided no forfeits have occurred.

Forfeit fees are not required for individual contestants or from teams made up of individual sign ups.