General Eligibility Rules

A player may participate with only one team and in only one league during each intramural sport season, with the exception that participants may enter both a men's or women's league and a coed league. Participants may also enter both an afternoon and evening league.

An individual whose name appears on two rosters will be considered a member of the team he first participates with.

Additions to a team roster must be made prior to the first game. The only exception to this will be teams formed out of individual registrations. Since every effort will be made to ensure that such teams can compete, additions after the first game will be allowed for these teams. Teams of individuals must have a completed roster before any playoff games begin. These teams may not use players that have played on any other team including a team that forfeits out of the league.

To be eligible for the playoffs in any sport, a player must have participated in at least one regular season game.

A team shall forfeit any contest in which it uses an ineligible player when an opposing team appeals the eligibility. This appeal must be made befor the end of the contest.

The Rec Sports staff cannot be responsible for checking the eligibility of all intramural participants. It is the team manager's responsibility to ensure that each team member is eligible. However, the staff will make random checks of teams. A team shall forfeit any contest in which it uses an ineligible player and team will lose it's forfeit fee.

Participant Eligibility
Student, Faculty, and Staff Eligibility
All members of the UMSL community (students, faculty, and staff with a valid I.D.) are eligible to participate, free of charge, in the Intramural Program.

Spouse Eligibility
Spouses of students, faculty, and staff members are eligible.

Alumni Eligibility
Alumni with a current Recreation Pass may participate in intramurals for a fee of $10.00 per team sport league and $5.00 per individual sport or one-day event. For $40.00 per semester, alumni may enter any or all intramural activities.

Community Membership Eligibility
Community members with a current Recreation Pass may also participate in intramurals for a fee of $10.00 per team sport league, $5.00 per individual sport or one-day event, or $40.00 per semester for all activities.

Varsity Athlete Eligibility
Student athletes may not participate in any sport in which they compete as a varsity member during that sport year.

Ex-varsity athletes 
Eligible to participate in sports in which they were varsity team members. However, only one such athlete is allowed on each team with the exception of coed sports where one male and one female former varsity player may be on the same team.

A student who is a professional athlete in any sport, as defined by the NCAA, may not compete in the particular intramural sport.