Call for Proposals Now Open! Deadline is July 1.
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The Focus on Teaching and Technology Conference offers an ensemble of keynote addresses, faculty innovations during concurrent sessions, technology workshops, and vendor exhibits. The conference program has evolved over the years to reflect emerging trends in technology applications in higher education and shared expertise in online teaching experiences and strategies.

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Call for Proposals - Due July 1

The 2016 Call for Proposals is now open! Read our Recommendations, Ideas, and FAQ for Presenters!

Recommendations for Presenters

  •  Innovative use of a technology tool in traditional, hybrid, online courses
  •  Course redesign ideas, process, story, lessons learned
  •  Adaptive learning
  •  Social media in instruction
  •  ePortfolios
  •  Mobile Learning
  •  Flipping the classroom
  •  Big Data / Data Analytics
  •  Active Learning in Online/Hybrid Courses
  •  Learning Communities
  •  Student engagement strategies
  •  Creative student assessments
  •  Learning Spaces
Session Design
  • Design your presentation around your proposal. Ensure that the presentation you plan to deliver matches the goals of your proposal and audience expectations.
  • Build in interactivity. Within 10 minutes, your audience may begin drifting. Keep them engaged with active learning methods.
  • Fewer slides, less text. The audience is there to see you! Make fewer (but impactful) slides to hold their attention. Use less text to refrain from "reading the slides".
  • Don't try to teach too much material. Time flies when you're in the spotlight! Pace your presentation at a comfortable rate and leave time for questions, especially if presenting a workshop.
  • Practice. Go over your presentation with a peer or colleague. Even a simple walkthrough could highlight something you missed or a flaw in the design.
  • Create key takeaways. Provide resources for further exploration; these might be handouts, a bundle of Web links, and/or an activity for the audience to try in their class.
Presentation & Delivery
  • Introduce Yourself. Sometimes, in the hurry to get the session underway, we forget the little things.
  • Speak conversationally. You are the guide of the session. Help the audience feel welcome.
  • Pause for questions... Presenters often do not leave enough "awkward silence" to warrant an audience member to ask their question or give a response. Don't be afraid of the silence.
  • Stay on topic. If you begin to shift to topics other than your session's goal, guide the conversation back to the purpose.
  • Respect the time. Be aware of how much time you've been allotted and keep track of it; if your session goes past the limit, offer to continue it outside the room.
  • Bring it full circle. Near the end of the session, remind the audience what they came to learn and highlight the themes of the session.
Frequenty Asked Questions

Q: What technology will be available to presenters?
A: Each room will have a computer workstation, a projector with VGA connection, and wireless/wired internet.

Q: What is the best way to bring my presentation?
A: Bring a USB drive with the presentation on it; as a backup, please also upload it to a cloud storage option like Google Drive, SkyDrive, or Dropbox.

Q: What if my presentation requires special equipment?
A: Please contact Keeta Holmes at to get individualized help.

Q: What else do I need to know?
A: If your presentation has handouts, please remember to print them before arriving to campus. 


Adapted from EDUCAUSE Recommendations for Designing an Effective Presentation

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Sponsors, We Want You! - Due October 1

Conference sponsorship is available for both institutional partners (colleges and universities) or vendors. Complete the form below to join the all-stars, pictured above.

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Call for Vendor Sponsors
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Nominate an Instructor for the FTTC Teaching With Technology Award

We are accepting nominees for a Teaching With Technology Award for an instructor who has used technology in innovative and effective ways in classroom or online teaching. You can find out more and submit a nomination below. The deadline is October 1.

Tami Eggleston, 2015 Teaching With Technology Award Winner

Tami Eggleston
2015 FTTC Teaching with Technology Award Winner

Tami Eggleston is a professor of psychology and the associate dean for institutional effectiveness at McKendree University in Lebanon, Illinois. Tami loves to teach face-to-face, online, or in blended classes. Tami has won various teaching awards including the Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award. Her goal in teaching, presenting, or consulting is to educate, engage, and inspire.

Submit a Nominee for the 2016 Award

Please read all criteria before submitting a nominee.

Award Criteria  
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Award Criteria and Form

Two awards will be given in the following categories:

  • Traditional – These are classes that meet face to face. They may contain blended or flipped components, but they have established meeting times that occur in a physical classroom.
  • Online – These are classes that take place online. They don’t have established meeting times, nor do they meet in a physical classroom.

The two awards will be given to the recipients who best demonstrate pedagogically sound and innovative uses for educational technology in their teaching.

Eligibility Requirements

The nominee must be a higher education instructor and a registered attendee of the conference.

Nomination Criteria

Nominations can be made online using the link below. Each nominees must provide examples of how s/he:

  • Creates and implements useful and creative ways to incorporate technology into online or face-to-face classroom design and instruction.
  • Demonstrates an innovative approach to teaching within their content area through the use of technology (including but not limited to: English, science, math, community service, group work, etc.)
  • Provides and maintains an engaging student learning environment through active learning, interaction (student to student, student to instructor and student to content) and technology integration.
  • Demonstrates the technology used supports specific student learning outcomes.
  • Brings a new technology to the institution (new technology, new research, etc), uses technology in a new way, or is innovative in some other way in support of student learning.

Scope of Award

For the purpose of this award, the term “innovation” will be loosely defined by the nominees. “Technology” can be anything from computer-based learning devices, software, classroom design, to other devices that aid teaching and learning. “Instruction" or "Teaching” is defined as teaching in undergraduate and graduate courses in higher education.

Poster Session

A subcommittee member will notify the nominee of their nomination so that they may prepare a poster for display on Conference Day 2 (Friday). Posters should be hung up Friday morning by 7:30am.

The purpose of the poster is to share the nominee’s innovative idea. Posters should be 24 inches x 36 inches. Poster hanging material will be provided.


Deadline for nominations is October 1, 2016 by end of business day. Award selection will be made by FTTC planning subcommittee members. Awards will be presented at lunch on the Friday of the conference.

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