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Max Gillman, Tamas Csabafi, Ruthira Naraidooz
International Business Cycle and Financial Intermediation
September 2018


Max Gillman
The Welfare Cost of Inflation with Banking Time
July 2018
Allen Bellas & Lea-Rachel Kosnik
Which Leading Journal Leads? Idea Diffusion in Economics Research Journals May 2016


Brian Fogarty, David Kimball & Lea-Rachel Kosnik
The Media, Voter Fraud, and the 2012 Elections
May 2016


Lea Kosnik
JEL Codes:  What Do They Mean and Are They Used Consistently?


Giulia Ghiani, Max Gillman & Michal Kejak
Persistent Liquidity
January 8, 2016


Ceri Davies, Max Gillman & Michal Kejak
Interest Rates Rules
January 8, 2016


L. Douglas Smith, Satish Nayak, Maureen Karig, Lea Kosnik, Mark Konya, Kristy Lovett, Zhennan Liu & Harrison Luvai
Assessing Residential Customer Satisfaction for Large Electric UtilitiesMay 2015


Lea Kosnik
In Tandem or Out of Sync?  Academic Economics Research and Public Policy MeasuresJanuary 2015

William Rogers & Anne Winkler
How Did the Housing and Labor Market Crises Affect Young Adults' Living Arrangements?
October 2014


Lea Kosnik
What Have Economists Been Doing for the Last 50 Years?  A Text Analysis of Published Academic Research from 1960-2010 April 2015


Giulia Ghiani, Max Gillman & Michal Kejak
Money, Banking and Interest Rates: Monetary Policy Regimes with Markov-Switching VECM EvidenceOctober 2, 2014


Max Gillman, Michal Kejak & Michal Pakos
Learning about Rare Disasters: Implications For Consumption and Asset Prices
March 31, 2014


Max Gillman, Michal Kejak & Michal Pakos
Tax Evasion, Human Capital, and Productivity Induced Tax Rate Reduction
November 4, 2013