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Have you ever considered how languages could transform your life? Get equipped with strong linguistic proficiency and pertinent cultural tools and be ready to step out of your cultural comfort zone and communicate with the world!

Language and Cultural Studies at UMSL (1:43)

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The Department of Language and Cultural Studies at the University of Missouri-St. Louis is dedicated to helping students develop the linguistic and cultural competence expected of informed global citizens.

Our students’ success is our first priority. With clearly-articulated learning outcomes for programs and courses, and frequent interaction with faculty both in and out of the classroom, students know where to go and how to get there. We build a foundation of trust in the classroom, whether in person or online, by creating lively spaces where students feel safe to express themselves in increasingly more elaborate ways and become comfortable making the mistakes that are a necessary part of the language learning process.

We proactively and judiciously use technology to provide students with a broad range of opportunities to build language proficiency. These tools also allow us to increase the accessibility of courses and better connect classroom activities with real-world applications.

Our creative and dedicated faculty members work within their disciplines, across departments, and with the local community to give students a chance to apply their language and culture skills in a variety of professional, social or artistic settings. We also facilitate a variety of Study Abroad experiences - from short-term faculty-led programs to year-long programs - that are regularly described as “life-changing” by those students who take part in them.

The combined effect of our efforts empower students with the ability to communicate cross-culturally at work and in their personal lives and inspire in them a lifelong interest in the study of languages and cultures.

UMSL Language and Cultural studies: Connecting Students to the World