The intent of the program is to provide students with experience in public and private applications of anthropological methods and practices.  Internships can acquaint students with the work of research libraries, museums, historical societies, and other cultural institutions in order to enhance the students knowledge of sources, research methodologies, institutional cultures, and work environments.  An important benefit of such a program is to expose the student to applications of research and methodologies discovered during the normal academic process. 

Our program will emphasize the professional, applied experience that the student will receive through the active partnership of a sponsoring institution supervisor with an Anthropology Department professor.  This partnership between the three main actors in the internship - the student, the institutional sponsor, and the professor - will ensure that the student will receive not only an educational experience consistent with the standards of the university and of the department, but an opportunity to experiment with the possibilities of applied anthropology as a career option as well. A variety of institutional choices are available to students. We have placed students in internships with the Missouri Historical Society, the International Institute, and the St. Louis Art Museum

Students are expected, at minimum, to maintain a journal documenting their experiences during the internship and to prepare a summary project - a paper, exhibit, or documentary demonstrating their achieved competence with the applied field.  The institutional supervisor and the student together design a project that will benefit both the institution and the student.  The precise skills he or she learns will vary with the kind of project chosen.  The academic advisor may be the liaison with the sponsoring institution and will collaborate with the interns institutional supervisor, who is assigned by the institution.  The student registers for 1-3 hours of credit which will be applicable to his or her course program.

Internship Guidelines

Internship Application Form