Letter From Department Advisors


Hi Everyone,

This is another message on behalf of your Big Brother in Anthropology, otherwise known as the departmental advisors.

As you probably know, you are supposed to meet your advisor every semester. (If you didn’t hitherto know, now you know.) As we certainly know, far too many of you don’t meet your advisors, and some have even managed to complete years as anthropology majors without even having an advisor!!!!! Tut tut...

Now, we actually think that it is very important for you all to meet your advisors, and not just because we are all miserable and lonely souls yearning for some human contact in our little nooks in the ivory tower of academe. It is also the fact that we would like to see you maximise the benefit you get from our program, and go through the system and graduate as smoothly and efficiently as possible so that you can begin the rest of your lives.

So we made a new academic-year’s resolution on your behalf, to meet your advisors this semester. And to ensure that you do, we have embarked on a two-pronged pincer manoeuvre. One arm of this pincer manoeuvre is this email that explains to you that it really is in your best academic interest to drop us a line and come have a chat. The other one is the hold put on your enrolment for next semester.

Yes, you will not be able to enrol for next semester classes unless Dawn Brokaw our office assistant – removes the hold from your record, and this will only happen when your advisor asks her to do so, and this will only happen after you meet your advisor and persuade her or him that you are on the right track towards graduation.

Now, if you have met your advisor this semester already, please send her or him an email reminder of your meeting and a request to have your hold lifted. Don’t assume we will remember. Some of us are senile, some of us concussed, and all of us are overcommitted with too many projects demanding our attention. If you have not yet met your advisor this semester, please do so at your earliest convenience. If you do not have an advisor, what are you waiting for? Please get in touch with Dawn Brokaw at 314) 516- 6020 or ( and ask her to schedule an appointment with Mike Ohnersorgen or me to find you an advisor.

Cheers, Allon

Allon J. Uhlmann Assistant Professor of Anthropology University of Missouri - St. Louis (For UMSL community: