Online Activities

Being under quarantine doesn’t mean you can’t explore the interesting and wonderful places our city has to offer. Join us in rediscovering St. Louis through virtual tours!

UMSL and Community Partners:

  • Spring Tree Tour at UMSL
    • Spring is underway and the trees at UMSL are preparing to bloom. Take a tour of the beautiful trees featured on UMSL’s campus. Watch this video to learn more.
  • UMSL Tiny Tritons
    • Tiny Tritons is a series presented by the Office of Student Involvement with our UMSL families in mind. These programs are geared towards children in preschool through fifth grade. Although in-person events have been cancelled until further notice, this program has created a list of activities you can enjoy from home to keep your Tiny Tritons entertained.
  • The Muny in Forest Park
    • Built in 1919, the Muny is one of the most beautiful and unique outdoor amphitheater’s in the world. Explore the Muny in this 360-degree panoramic tour. 
  • St. Louis History Museum
    • Experience St. Louis in its early days in the Missouri History Museum’s Collection of Vintage Panoramas.
  • The St. Louis Zoo 
    • The St. Louis Zoo invites you to watch their livestreams and participate in guided tours to stay up to date on our city’s favorite animal friends.
  • St. Louis Art Museum
    • Peer into the St. Louis Art Museum exhibits through their online gallery collections. 

Other Resources:

  • Cahokia Mounds
    • Cahokia Mounds was one of the largest and most sophisticated Native American civilizations in the United States and it’s located just under 20 miles from our very own hometown. Explore the settlement online and learn more about our local history. View their tour video here
  • TEDxGatewayArch Talks 
    • TEDx Talks have featured a number of wonderful presentations from faculty and staff on our campus. Other videos not listed on the website can be found here.
  • Missouri Cave Systems
    • Missouri has one of the most extensive cave networks in the United States, explore them online.
  • History of the City Museum
    • The City Museum is one of the most distinctive and unique experiences that St. Louis has to offer, but not many people know of how it all got started. Take a deeper look to find out how one of our local favorites got its start.
  • St. Louis Aquarium
    • One of our city’s newest attractions is the St. Louis Aquarium. What better time is there to take a virtual tour to explore what the museum has to offer?