We are a lively community of philosophers with a wide range of theoretical and practical interests. We offer a M.A. in Philosophy, a B.A. in Philosophy, a minor in Philosophy, and a minor in Law and Philosophy. Our traditional strengths in philosophy of mind, epistemology, ethics, and medieval philosophy are central to the Department. Our students operate the Philosophers' Forum.   



Recent News

Gualtiero Piccinini's “An Egalitarian Account of Composition and Realization,” is appearing in The Monist, invited submission to a special issue edited by Meir Hemmo and Orly Shenker.

Piccinini's "Physicalism: Flat and Egalitarian,” is forthcoming inLevels of Reality, eds. Meir Hemmo, Stavros Ioannidis, Orly Shenker, and Gal Vishne. Berlin: Springer.

Piccinini was interviewed with Glen Wright Colopy on first person data, and posted in the podcast Pod of Asclepius, August 2021. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81lx1xTqHGQ

Jill Delston was interviewed on the Stories of Our Time podcast about whether medicine is sexist.

Gualtiero Piccinini's "Knowledge as Factually Grounded Belief" is forthcoming at American Philosophical Quarterly.

Daniel Grasso presented "Rational Resolve as Magnification: A Response to Holton" at the 2021 New Mexico Texas Philosophical Society.

SLACRR met on August 10-11.

Gualtiero Piccinini gave the Barwise Prize Lecture at the Pacific Division meeting of the American Philosophical Association in April 2021. 

Jon McGinnis's “A Continuation of Atomism: Shahrastānī on the Atom and Continuity,” was named one of the best 10 articles of 2019 by The Philosopher’s Annual. The article also received Honorable Mention by the Journal of the History of Philosophy for the best article in the history of philosophy for 2019

Billy Dunaway and Jon McGinnis co-wrote "Knowledge and Theological Predication: Lessons from the Medieval Islamic Tradition", which is forthcoming in Res Philosophica.

Dunaway's "Realism, Meta-Semantics and Risk" is forthcoming in the Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy.

Dunaway's book, Reality and Morality, is published with Oxford University Press (2020).

Gualtiero Piccinini's book, Neurocognitive Mechanisms: Explaining Biological Cognition, is published with Oxford University Press (2021).

Eric Wiland's book, Guided by Voices: Moral Testimony, Advice, and Forging a 'We'  is published with Oxford University Press (2021).

Wiland's "Irrationality, Charity, and Ambivalence" appears in The Philosophy and Psychology of Ambivalence (2021), edited by Brogaard & Gatzia. 

Wiland's "What is Group Well-Being?" is forthcoming in the Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy.

Jill Delston was named a Presidential Engagement Fellow for the UM System for this year. She was also selected for this year's class of the Early Career Research Network (ECRN).

Delston's new book Medical Sexism (2020) has been featured at UMSLSt. Louis on the Air twiceSt. Louis Magazine, and the APA Blog. It was reviewed by Choice Reviews, which called it "essential for all readers." It was a finalist for the North American Society for Social Philosophy book award. 

Delston's article “The Body Politic Is of Two Minds: Political Ambivalence on Norms of Justice” appears in The Philosophy and Psychology of Ambivalence (2021), edited by Brogaard & Gatzia.

Delston's “Morality versus Mortality: The Meaning of (After)Life in The Good Place” will appear in the anthology “Better Living Through TV”. Delston will soon participate in a Zoom panel on The Good Place with Todd May.

Delston's “The Ethics and Politics of Microaffirmations” will appear in Philosophy of Management.

Stephanie Ross's book, Two Thumbs Up: How critics aid appreciation, is published with University of Chicago Press. The APA Blog featured the book: 

Michelle Ciurria's (visiting scholar) book, An Intersectional Feminist Theory of Moral Responsibility, is published with Routledge.


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