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We are a lively community of philosophers with a wide range of theoretical and practical interests. We offer a M.A. in Philosophy, a B.A. in Philosophy, a minor in Philosophy, and a minor in Law and Philosophy.

Our traditional strengths in philosophy of mind, epistemology, ethics, and medieval philosophy are central to the Department. Our students operate the Philosophers' Forum.   


Recent News

Jill Delston won the College of Arts and Sciences Non-Tenure Track Faculty Member of the Year Award.

Billy Dunaway won UMSL's Junior Investigator of the Year Award.

Gualtiero Piccinini was promoted to Curators' Professor.

This year's Ronald Munson Essay Prizes in Philosophy were awarded to: 

Undergraduate: Sadie Harris, "In Search of a Meaningful Life"
Graduate: Tomy Ames, "Systems of Memory and the Self"

Samuel Filby (MA student) presented his "Can there be an analytic, existential philosophy?" at the Oxford Postgraduate Conference in Existentialism.

Gualtiero Piccinini's "Nonnatural Mental Representation" is forthcoming in What Are Mental Representations?, Oxford University Press.

Billy Dunaway is the new Book Review Editor for the journal Ethics.

Billy Dunaway's "Epistemological Motivations for Anti-realism" is forthcoming in Philosophical Studies.

Jon McGinnis's “A Continuation of Atomism: Shahrastānī on the atom and continuity” is forthcoming in Journal of the History of Philosophy.

Billy Dunaway and Jon McGinnis won a nearly $1 million grant from John Templeton Foundation to apply medieval Islamic philosophy to contemporary questions about the epistemology of religion.

Gualtiero Piccinini has won the K. Jon Barwise Prize for significant and sustained contributions to areas relevant to philosophy and computing by an APA member.

Eric Wiland's "The Problem of Evil and the Grammar of Goodness" appeared in Religions 9 (2018).

Eric Wiland's "Psychologism and Anti-psychologism about Motivating Reasons" appeared in Oxford Handbook on Reasons and Normativity, ed. D. Star, Oxford University Press (2018).

Eric Wiland's "Peer Disagreement: Special Cases" appeared in Logos & Episteme (2018).

Eric Wiland's "Should Children Have the Right to Vote?" appeared in Palgrave Handbook of Philosophy and Public Policy, ed. D. Boonin, Palgrave MacMillan (2018), 215-224.

Eric Wiland's "Moral Advice and Joint Agency" will appear in Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics, ed. M. Timmons, Oxford University Press (forthcoming in 2018).

Jill Delston won The Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award.

Gualtiero Piccinini's “The Ways of Altruism” (with Armin Schulz), appeared in Evolutionary Psychological Science (2018).

Gualtiero Piccinini's “Conceived This Way: Innateness Defended” (with Robert Northcott) is in Philosophers’ Imprint

Gualtiero Piccinini's "Physical Computation: A Mechanistic Account" is the subject of an Author Meets Critics session at the Eastern Division Meetings of the American Philosophical Association in January 2019.

More Philosophy Department news can be found on the News page.