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We are a lively community of philosophers with a wide range of theoretical and practical interests. We offer a M.A. in Philosophy, a B.A. in Philosophy, a minor in Philosophy, and a minor in Law and Philosophy. Our traditional strengths in ethics and epistemology are central to the Department. Our students operate the Philosophers' Forum.    


Recent News

Billy Dunaway was interviewed by U.S. News & World Report on why majoring in philosophy and other humanities can be a great career move.

Graham Renz (M.A. alumnus) wrote Being One’s Self, Trusting One’s Gut for the Blog of the American Philosophical Association about his philosophical journey through UMSL and WUSTL.

The Department now offers a Bioethics Graduate Certificate 

Gualitero Piccinini has recently published:

“Neurocognitive Mechanisms: A Situated, Multilevel, Mechanistic, Neurocomputational, Representational Framework for Biological Cognition,” Journal of Consciousness Studies, 29.7-8 (2022), pp. 167-174. (Summary of Neurocognitive Mechanisms: Explaining Biological Cognition.)

“Neurocognitive Mechanisms: Some Clarifications,” Journal of Consciousness Studies, 29.7-8 (2022), pp. 226-250. (Response to commentators on Neurocognitive Mechanisms: Explaining Biological Cognition.)

“Situated Neural Representations: Solving the Problems of Content,” in a special issue of Frontiers in Neurorobotics edited by Adam Safron, Inês Hipólito, and Andy Clark on Bio A.I. - From Embodied Cognition to Enactive Robotics, 16 (2022).

Piccinini has been recently been interviewed by:

Ashar Khan for the Thing-in-Itself podcast, YouTube, June 2022.
Sahar Joakim on Neurocognitive Mechanisms: Explaining Biological Cognition, YouTube, March 2022.

Piccinini is the Founding President of the International Society for the Philosophy of the Sciences of the Mind, 2022-2023.

Billy Dunaway and David Plunkett coedited their Meaning, Decision, and Norms: Themes from the Work of Allan Gibbard is out and available open access through Michigan Publishing Services.

Lauren Olin's article "Comic Disagreement" appears in Dunaway's volume. 

Jill Delston has published

"The Ethics and Politics of Microaffirmations", Philosophy of Management vol. 20, 411–429 (2021). 

Delston hosted the Philosophy and Activism conference at UMSL. 

Delston was part of a dialogue at the APA Blog about the Dobbs decision.

Delston wrote a piece about abortion in the The Philosophers’ Magazine. 

Delston presented “The Ethics of Precision Health” at the Eastern Division of the APA in 2022. 

Eric Wiland is Visiting Research Professor at Tulane University in 2023-24.

Wiland presented "Moral Testimony and Moral Memory" at the APA-Central and at the Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress in 2023.

Wiland's article "What is Group Well-being?" appeared in the Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy in 2022.

Wiland presented "Intensifying Well-Being" at the Bled Philosophy Conference and at the Edinburgh Workshop on Well-Being in 2022.

Wiland participated in an Author-Meets-Critics session on his book Guided By Voices: Advice, Moral Testimony, and the Forging of a "We" at the meeting of the Eastern Division of the APA in 2023.

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