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Student Tables

Table 1-1. Athletics - NCAA Division II (Fall 2019)

Table 1-2. Continuing Education and Outreach Non-Credit Activities (12/2014) [Excel Format] (Note: No longer being updated.)

Table 1-3. Fall Enrolled First-Time Freshmen by High School Type and Geographical Area (Fall 2023) [Excel Format]

Table 1-4. Fall Enrollment by Age (Fall 2022) [Excel Format]

Table 1-5. Fall Enrollment by Gender (Fall 2023) [Excel Format]

Table 1-6. Fall Enrollment by Geographic Origin (Fall 2022) [Excel Format]

Table 1-7. Fall Enrollment by Headcount & FTE (Fall 2022) [Excel Format]

Table 1-8. Fall Enrollment by Level, Division, and Ethnicity (Fall 2023) [Excel Format]

Table 1-9. Fall Enrollment History - Chart (Fall 2021) [Excel Format]

Table 1-10. Fall Enrollment History - Table (Fall 2022) [Excel Format]

Table 1-11. Fall Enrollment Status (Fall 2023) [Excel Format]

Table 1-12. Fall Student Credit Hour Production (Fall 2023) [Excel Format]

Table 1-13. Student Educational Fee Schedules (UM-St. Louis Link)

Table 1-14. Visiting Students by Class Level and Selected Institutions for Summer Sessions (Summer 2023) [Excel Format]

Table 1-15. Fall Application Flow (Fall 2021) [Excel Format]

Table 1-16. Fall New Transfer Students Enrolled From Last College Attended (Fall 2023) [Excel Format]

Table 1-17. Fall Enrollment by Category (Fall 2023) [Excel Format]

Table 1-18. Fall Enrollment by Degree Program & Level (Fall 2023) [Excel Format]

Table 1-19. Fall Enrollment by Continent, Region & Country (Fall 2023) [Excel Format]