Tutoring Lab & Informal Hub

The Sharon G. Levin Economics Resource Center (ERC) is a computer lab that provides assistance to students who are taking economic courses. 

Zoom address for online ERC: 314 516 5551

Zoom link for online ERC: https://umsystem.zoom.us/j/3145165551

Online ERC hours:

Monday - Thursday 9am-8pm

Friday 9am-2pm

Sunday 1pm-6pm

Online tutoring is available during the hours that lab is open by appointment. Click on the link below to set up an appointment - it needs to be made 24 hours in advance. Any issues contact the ERC Manager.


Hours: Monday - Thursday 9am-8pm

Friday 9am-2pm

Sunday 1pm-6pm

The ERC is staffed with upper-undergraduate and graduate economics majors that serve as tutors for students that may need extra assistance outside of the classroom. The ERC staff's main goal is to help give students a better understanding of economic concepts. The focus is on 1000 level courses. However, ERC staff with experience in 2000, and some 3000 (3001, 3002, and 3100) level courses, are eager to help students in these, and other, areas as well.

ERC Manager: Professor Brian Speicher | speicherb@umsl.edu

The lab was renamed for Sharon Levin in 2018.

Economic Resource Center