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The Mass Communication emphasis area focuses on theory and research related to media content and use, media effects, and audience reception.

Students in this area study the psychological processes of media use and effects, media representation of cultural groups, effects of immersive media and social networking, audience reception of popular culture, and fan studies.

A student in this Emphasis Area will learn how media industries, such as television, film, video games, radio, recorded music, and advertising, function as businesses and as forms of creative expression.

Communication Majors in the Mass Communication Emphasis Area take any five of the following courses

Course Number Course Title
Media Studies 1070 Intro to Cinema
Comm 1369 Intro to Health Communication
Media Studies 2235 Media Theory
Comm 3355 Dangerous Messages
Media Studies 3355 Media Law and Regulation
Media Studies 3356 Global Media Systems and Trends
Comm 3368 Advanced Health Communication
Comm 4500 Seminar in Fundamental Communication Theory
Comm 4700 Seminar in Fundamental Mass Communication Theory


Mass Communication Emphasis Brochure and Academic Map

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