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The Applied Visual Communication emphasis area offers hands-on learning related to media production, focusing on developing skills to convey information and tell stories through time-based digital media.

Students in this emphasis area will design, implement, and critique media content based on appropriate production, design, and aesthetic principles. Students will also light, block and record digital video footage in studio and location settings as well as edit digital footage into a coherent narrative or persuasive message, including the addition of titles and graphic effects.

Communication Majors in the Applied Visual Communication Emphasis Area take any five of the following courses

Course Number Course Title
Media Studies 1070 Intro to Cinema
Media Studies 2113 
Media Production I
Theatre 2020 Acting for Camera
Media Studies 2210 Video Production I
Media Studies 3310 Video Production II
Media Studies 3313 Media Production II
Media Studies 2225 Live Events Media
Media Studies 3113 Advanced Video Editing
Theatre 4020 Directing for Camera


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