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Financial Support for Graduate Students

Sara Foster Scholarship

Eligibility: Minimum GPA: 3.0
Deadline for Fall: April 1

This scholarship is intended to reward a full-time graduate or undergraduate communication student with solid academic credentials and high personal character. To apply, please complete the General Scholarship Application. For more information about the scholarship, contact the Office of Financial Aid at 314-516-5526.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Benefits: Graduate Educational Fee waiver = 100%, approximately $12,000 Stipend (9-month)

The Department of Communication and Media offers financial support to graduate students majoring in communication through Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs). A GTA position will give students an opportunity to gain valuable experience working within the department while reducing the financial strain of graduate education. GTAs receive financial support through tuition waivers and stipends. GTAs are responsible for delivering 20 hours of service per week in the department through the administration of online courses, on-campus courses, or research assistance. In any given year, the number of available positions will vary.

GTA positions are competitively awarded. Preference is given to applicants with a strong academic record, relevant experience, and letters of recommendation and/or support from active and/or established scholars in the field. For more information, please see the GTA announcement and the GTA application form.  Applications for the fall semester are due the preceding June 1 for fullest consideration. Applications for the spring semester are due the preceding November 1 for fullest consideration.