Other Campus Tutorial Supports

If UTC’s tutorial supports don’t fit your needs, we diligently work to ensure all students have the support and resources they need to be successful. In addition UTC’s multitude of tutorial options, we also have many partnerships on campus to provide students the assistance needed.

Student Success Tutoring Grant

The Student Success Tutoring Grant (SST) provides students with the option of receiving departmental-level tutorial support. Each semester departments apply to receive funding from UTC to provide tutorial support to rigorous courses within their discipline. Departments offer tutoring at a wide array of times and in an extensive array of courses.

Below you will find a schedule of the tutorial assistance provided in each department. Since each department decides the delivery method, courses, and times, you will find the faculty contact to inquire additional information. UTC suggests if you have questions about the support provided, reach out to the faculty contact and allow him/her/them at least 48 hours to respond. If you need additional assistance, please contact Janeece Woodson, who specializes in the SST Grant, at 314.516.6831 or janeecewoodson@umsl.edu


Center for Teaching and Learning 

UTC partners with the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) to ensure students are aware of the Supplemental Instruction (SI) and Active Learning Assistants (ALA) schedules. These sessions prove to be valuable to students needing extra support in rigorous courses. Click on the links below to see the schedules and additional information about these sessions. 


Other Campus-Wide Assistance 

UTC strives to provide students with the support needed. If UTC’s tutorial supports don’t fit the students’ needs, we have worked to gather a list of all the other tutoring resources available to undergraduate students. UTC regularly updates the list below; however, we recommend students contact the department to ensure UTC has the most up-to-date information. In addition, please contact UTC with other campus tutoring that isn’t listed at tutoring@umsl.edu. In addition, UTC is dedicated to providing students with not only the tutoring resources they need but also non-tutorial supports to enhance their overall education experience.