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Megan Gregory

Megan Gregory, M.Ed.

Megan serves as the Director of the University Tutoring Center and coordinates the INSPIRE Faculty/Staff Mentoring Program. She previously served as the Assistant Director and as an Academic Coach with the Office of Multicultural Student Services. Prior to joining the Division of Student Academic Support Services, she worked as a recruiter for an Education Technology Company and taught at the University level. She earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Truman State University and obtained a Master of Education in Research and Evaluation Methodology from University of Florida. Megan is passionate about educating students about the University’s resources in order to guide them along their path to success. 


Bailey Farrar

Bailey Farrar, M.Ed.
Tutoring Coordinator

Bailey Farrar joined the Student Academic Support Services team at UMSL in October 2022 as a Tutoring Coordinator. They earned their M.Ed. for Secondary Math Education here at UMSL, and their B.S. for Statistics and Operations Research from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Over the past 10 years, they have worked at universities and community colleges in Illinois and in Missouri in the roles of Teacher’s Assistant, Supplemental Instructor, Adjunct Instructor, and Tutor. During their academic journey, they also received their Secondary Education Mathematics Teaching Certification and a Certificate for her partnership in the Cooperative Online International Learning action research project at UMSL. They are excited to help create a supportive and inclusive environment where students and tutors alike feel welcome and have the opportunity to grow.


Tyler Smith

Tyler Smith 
Tutoring Coordinator

Tyler Smith joined the University Tutoring Center at UMSL in October of 2022 as a Tutoring Coordinator. She was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, and earned her Bachelors of Arts in Communications with an emphasis in Media from the University of Missouri St. Louis. Before starting in her role as a Tutoring Coordinator, she first joined the University Tutoring Center as a peer tutor! She assisted students with writing and editing papers during her time at UMSL. Tyler is excited to help students along in their academic journey towards success.


 Kare Wawrzyniak.jpg

Karen Wawrzyniak
Office Support Staff Sr.

Karen currently serves as Office Support Staff Sr. for both the University Tutoring Center and University Student Support department. She earned a BA in English from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1988. Before joining the Multicultural Student Services department in 2012, she worked as an administrative assistant for sixteen years with the Missouri Institute of Mental Health. Karen is enthusiastic about connecting the students to all of the educational resources available to help them achieve their educational potential.