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The Undergraduate Research Symposium at UMSL provides a professional-style venue for undergraduates to present their original mentored investigations or creative inquiries to faculty, staff, administrators, students and visitors.

The URS is an UMSL-wide event occurring every spring on the last Friday in April, and is organized by the Undergraduate Research Coordinator and a team of coordinating students, faculty and staff members representing many academic units and disciplines.

The URS is an inclusive event for all UMSL undergraduates, regardless of discipline or project.

Presentations are typically in oral or poster format, and the most common disciplines represented are from the sciences, but students from ALL disciplines are both welcome and encouraged to present in a format that is appropriate for their field. There is no cost to students who follow application guidelines. Resources to prepare for the event and feedback following student presentations are both provided. We strive to provide undergraduates the support they need to have a successful academic conference experience.

 URS 2022 will be held April 29

Download the URS 2022 Program


To participate in the URS, students must:

  • have worked on the project as an UMSL undergraduate student
  • currently be an UMSL undergraduate student (or have graduated in the previous semester)
  • have an UMSL faculty sponsor agree to oversee the project
  • submit an Intent to Participate form by March 15, 2022 (one per project, regardless of number of authors)
  • submit the final version of their project title, abstract, and team members to the UMSL IRL by April 10, 2022 (one per project, regardless of number of authors)
    • If students presenting posters include the final version of their poster (sized to print, in a PDF format) attached to the IRL submission by the April 10 deadline, they will have the cost ($80) and set-up of printing the poster waived (recommended)
    • If students presenting posters do not submit a final poster file (sized to print, in a PDF format) by the April 10 deadline, they may still participate, but will be responsible for printing and paying for their own poster
    • All students have the option to attach files (e.g., papers, videos, photographs) related to their project to the IRL, regardless if it is a poster presentation or other format of presentation
    • Even if students are not including attached files to the IRL, they must still complete the form with the final information of their project to signal to organizers their commitment to participate and for that information to be included in the printed program
  • be available to present, in-person, at the event on April 29, 2022*


Deadline - March 15, 2022
Tentative information to signal to the organizers your plans to participate.
Information can be updated later.

UMSL IRL Final project submission form
Deadline - April 10, 2022
Finalized project information, including title, abstract, and authors.
Necessary to signal to the organizers your final commitment to presenting at the event.
Information provided will be used in the printed URS Program.
For poster presentations only: The cost of printing ($80) will be waived if final poster file is attached in appropriate format.

All projects will be publicly archived in the UMSL IRL, in perpetuity.



Volunteers are needed!

Student volunteers are needed to help with day-of-event tasks, including set up/tear down of presentations, assisting guests, and moderating oral presentation panels.
If you're interested in volunteering, more info can be found at the Student Volunteer Form:


Faculty, staff, and graduate students are needed to review and judge presentations.
If you're interested in volunteering your time, more info can be found at the Judge Volunteer Form:




Contact Kate Votaw (Undergraduate Research Coordinator) at UndergradResearch@umsl.edu with any questions, concerns, or ideas for how you can present at the 2022 URS!

*Exceptions may be made for students currently abroad

A distributed model of funding support is employed, such that departments, colleges, student organizations, outside donors and others may contribute towards event expenses including cost of the event and prizes.