Each spring, the University of Missouri System seeks nominations for undergraduates to share their university research experiences with state lawmakers in Jefferson City for Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol.

The event is sponsored by the University of Missouri System and features 50-60 undergraduates from all four system universities.

The purpose of this event is to demonstrate to lawmakers in Jefferson City the unique opportunities undergraduate students have to participate in faculty mentored research or creative scholarship at the University of Missouri. Many lawmakers do not differentiate between regional colleges and public research universities, and we hope this opportunity to showcase our undergraduate researchers will help make the distinction.  We will also use this event to underscore higher education’s role in developing educated citizens and preparing a work force with the necessary skills to further the economic growth of the state.

Criteria: We seek undergraduates with Missouri residency who have been significantly involved in the research enterprise of the university either with their own project or through meaningful involvement with an on-going faculty project. Students will be selected to participate based on the merit of the research project, interest of the research project to state legislators and the student's ability to communicate well.

Fore more information, contact

Katheryn L. B. Votaw, PhD
Assistant Teaching Professor
Pierre Laclede Honors College
UMSL Undergraduate Research Coordinator
C206 Provincial House
(314) 516-7152