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Opportunities for Undergraduates to Present or Publish

UMSL Undergraduate Research Symposium

The Undergraduate Research Symposium (URS) at UMSL provides a professional-style venue for undergraduates to present their original research, scholarship, creative works and performance to faculty, staff, administrators, students and visitors. This event occurs annually on the last Friday of April. Apply or find more information

UM-System Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol (URDC)

Every year UMSL sends about 10 undergraduate students to our state capital to represent our campus by presenting their research to members of our state senate and house of representatives, at an event called the Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol (URDC). This event serves as an opportunity to serve as an ambassador of the university to build positive relationships with our state's elected officials as you introduce them to our campus research. This event occurs annually in the beginning of April. Contact the Campus Undergraduate Research Coordinator for more information


Litmag is a student-run literary magazine published annually each spring through the English Department. Our purpose is to promote the creative work of students and staff and increase awareness of the ever-present literary talent on UMSL’s campus. We aim to produce a high quality journal that gives emerging writers and artists a venue to display their work and experience the world of professional publishing. We are proud to say we celebrated our 30th anniversary in 2018. Submissions are accepted annually from October to February. Submit or find more information.


Bellerive is an annual literary publication from the Pierre Laclede Honors College, produced and published by students of the Honors College each fall. Students, faculty, and staff campus wide submit previously unpublished creative works each year for possible inclusion in the book; the class then reviews submissions, edits accepted submissions, and lays out and publishes the book. Selections, editing, layout, and design are all done by students enrolled in the Bellerive seminar. Submissions are accepted annually from March 1-October 1. Submit or find more information.