The University of Missouri-Saint Louis is proud to partner with Metro, the regional agency that provides public transportation services, to offer our student, faculty and staff with access to Metrolink and Metrobus at a discounted rate. The Metro Pass Program provides members of our campus community with unlimited access to Metro services during the fall, spring and summer semesters. Passes are available in the Cashier's Office (285 Millennium Student Center).

Interested in using your MetroPass? CMT’s Try & Ride helps you figure out how.

Through CMT’s Try & Ride program, you can learn which bus or MetroLink route to take to get you to school most efficiently, and many other tips and tricks for making transit work for you. Learn more.


UMSL students are able to obtain a Metro Pass for only $25 during the semesters in which they are currently enrolled.

Frequent Asked Questions

Q: If I’m not enrolled in Summer Intersession courses, can I still obtain a Metro Pass?

   A: No - students must be currently enrolled to receive a Metro Pass during the summer semester. Students who work on campus may be eligible to purchase a Metro Pass at a discounted rate.

Q: Is the pass valid on both Metrobus and Metrolink?

   A: Yes, you are able to use your pass for both services. You must sign the back of the pass and have your student id in order for the pass to be considered valid. Additionally, the dates of validity on the pass should be legible.  

 Q: What about Call-A-Ride Service?

   A: Students who need to utilize Call-A-Ride Services must be registered with Disability Access Services (DAS) and be certified through Metro’s Call-A-Ride Office. Please contact DAS at 314-516-6554 to learn how to become certified for Call-A-Ride service.

Q: Can I loan my pass to another person?

   A: Loaning passes to others is an inappropriate use of the pass. Students caught loaning their passes to others risk losing their pass and the ability to obtain a pass in the future.            


UMSL employees (and recognized vendors) are able to purchase a Metro Pass for $65 each semester.

Frequent Asked Questions

Q: Is the pass valid on both Metrobus and Metrolink?

   A: Yes, you are able to use your pass for unlimited service on both Metrobus and Metrolink. In order for the pass to be valid, you must sign the back of the pass and have your employee id. Additionally, the dates of validity on the pass must be legible.  

Q: Do UMSL Faculty/Staff receive free or discounted Call-A-Ride Service?

   A: No, at this time, eligible faculty/staff pay the same rate as the general public. 

Q: What methods of payment are accepted in the Cashier’s Office?

   A: The Cashier’s Office accepts checks, cash, and debit cards.

Guaranteed Ride Home Program (University Employees)

The University of Missouri - Saint Louis is a participant of the Citizens for Modern Transit's Guaranteed Ride Home program. This program provides immediate transportation in case of an emergency, sickness or unscheduled overtime. In effect, the program serves as a security blanket for those individuals who choose transit or bicycling as their commute option. For more information, please visit CMT.