Commit to PERSONAL GROWTH - be better tomorrow than you are today! Join us to help the community, better each other, and make friendships that last will last a lifetime.

The Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) community at the University of Missouri - St. Louis seeks to encourage members to become contributing and productive members of the campus and community. Home to 16 social, Greek-letter societies, membership in an FSL organization offers an opportunity to cultivate scholastic excellence, develop leadership skills, and opportunities for community engagement and philanthropic pursuits while forging lifelong brotherhood and sisterhood. If you are interested in interacting with staff, faculty and administration, academic support systems, hands on leadership experience, gaining critical knowledge for future career readiness, and the chance to be a part of something larger than yourself - be sure to check out the Fraternity and Sorority Life community at UMSL! Start your journey today!

Our Pillars of Excellence:

Scholastic Excellence

Each chapter maintains its own academic standards and sets minimum standards for membership. Chapters also have a leadership position dedicated to scholastic achievement and ensuring that members are staying focused on academics. Fraternities and sororities offer incentives for good grades, provide opportunities to study with brothers or sisters, and have awards or scholarships for high academic achievement.


Members have the opportunity to serve in leadership positions from the very beginning. Hold a position in your own chapter, in the Fraternity & Sorority Life community, and serve the campus. Members are involved in their governing councils and in other organizations such as student government, orientation, and programming. No matter what you decide to do, fraternity and sorority membership will prepare you along the way.

Community Service & Philanthropy

Fraternity and sorority members are highly involved with community service and philanthropic efforts throughout the community and the country. These efforts take place through individual chapter events and larger events such as Greek Week or MLK Day of Service. Last year UMSL fraternities and sororities performed over 8,000 community service hours and donated over $40,000 to nonprofit organizations.

Brotherhood & Sisterhood

Along with the benefit of support, encouragement, and friendships that last a lifetime, fraternity and sorority membership offers many benefits to its members. Brotherhood and sisterhood means more than wearing Greek letters, attending meetings, and going to social events. It is a sense of belonging and being respected for individuality. Membership also offers a lifetime of network support.