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Commuter Cash Program

Commuting to School? We want you here!

Join the Commuter Cash Program!

Event Attendance = UMSL Bucks

All you need to do is attend Commuter Cash eligible programs to receive UMSL bucks that you can cash in at the end of semester auction! We'll have awesome prizes including Apple products, kitchen appliances, awesome tech, mystery prizes, and UMSL swag!

Be sure to sign in to all virtual Zoom events with your UMSL email to receive your Commuter Cash.

To find all Commuter Cash eligible events visit Login with your UMSL credentials. Then, visit the MyEngage calendar and sort by the ‘commuter cash’ category.

Don't forget that new events will be added to the Commuter Cash list throughout the semester - so check back throughout the semester!

Hosting a Commuter Cash Event:

Did you know that if your event is free to all students, then it could be Commuter Cash eligible? Email for more information about getting your event classified as Commuter Cash!


Commuter Cash Auction:

SAVE THE DATE for our spring virtual auction: Date coming soon!

To calculate your UMSL bucks earning:

  1. Visit
  2. Click the account icon in the top right corner
  3. Click on ‘Paths’
  4. Make sure the progress is showing for the ‘Commuter Cash’ path

Each event you've attended is worth 20 UMSL bucks (per event). 



There will be opportunities to earn bonus Commuter Cash bucks by attending events. The more events you attend, the more bonus bucks you will earn! Don't forget that events will be added for Commuter Cash throughout the semester. 

Attendance of 1-5 events = 10 bonus bucks

Attendance of 6-10 events = 20 bonus bucks

Attendance of 11-15 events = 30 bonus bucks

Attendance of 16-20 events = 40 bonus bucks

Attendance of 20+ events = 50 bonus bucks

Email for questions