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Commuter Cash Program

Join the Commuter Cash Program! Event Attendance = UMSL Bucks

Commuter Cash was created with the goal of helping YOU become more involved! All you need to do is attend Commuter Cash eligible programs and you will receive UMSL bucks that you can cash in at the end of semester auction! There will be awesome prizes you can bid on using your UMSL bucks including Apple products, TVs, kitchen appliances, awesome tech, UMSL gear, and MORE! To get your UMSL bucks, you just have to sign in at all commuter cash eligible programs.

You are required to sign in to events in order to receive Commuter Cash. Be sure to sign in to all in-person events and virtual Zoom events with your UMSL email.

Login with your UMSL credentials. Visit the Triton Connect calendar and sort by the ‘commuter cash’ category.

Don't forget that new events will be added to the Commuter Cash list throughout the semester - so check back throughout the semester!

How to Make your Event Commuter Cash Eligible:

If your event is free to all students, then it could be Commuter Cash eligible. Email osiprograms@umsl.edu about your event to see if it’s Commuter Cash eligible.


There will be opportunities to earn bonus Commuter Cash bucks by attending events. The more events you attend, the more bonus bucks you will earn! Don't forget that events will be added for Commuter Cash throughout the semester. 

Attendance of 1-5 events = 10 additional bonus bucks

Attendance of 6-10 events = 20 additional bonus bucks

Attendance of 11-15 events = 30 additional bonus bucks

Attendance of 16-20 events = 40 additional bonus bucks

Attendance of 20+ events = 50 additional bonus bucks

Email osiprograms@umsl.edu for questions