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College Panhellenic Association

College Panhellenic Association (CPA) is the governing body of the two National Panhellenic (NPC) affiliated sororities at the University of Missouri – St. Louis. Panhellenic is an organization established to foster interfraternal relationships, to help collegiate chapters of the National Panhellenic Conference member groups, and to assist in maintaining the highest scholastic and social standards. The council enables the sororities to work together more effectively on campus.

By facilitating educational and philanthropic events, involvement opportunities, and community-wide service activities, the women of UMSL's College Panhellenic Association strive to promote leadership, diversity, scholastic achievement, and service through relationships within and beyond the Panhellenic community. Above all, sororities foster close friendships that will last through college and beyond. Panhellenic meets weekly to discuss the current issues facing the Fraternity and Sorority Community, plan upcoming events, and serve as a link between UMSL administration and its organizations.

Fall Primary Recruitment

Panhellenic sororities participate in a partially structured recruitment in the week following Labor Day. Recruitment consists of events hosted Tuesday-Saturday and ends with Bid Day celebrations.

*Registration is required to participate in the primary recruitment process.

Continuous Open Bidding (COB)

Continuous Open Bidding is an opportunity for our Panhellenic member chapters to extend membership until they reach the "total" number of members expected by the CPA and NPC. Women that withdrew from primary recruitment prior to MRABA signing and women that have not participated in primary recruitment within the last year are eligible to participate. To express interest in participating in a COB process, you can contact the chapters through interest links on their Instagram* profiles.

*Social Media information can be found on the "Contact Panhellenic" tab.

Spring Panhellenic Recruitment Opportunities

UMSL's Panhellenic does not host a formal or informal Spring recruitment period but offers opportunities to meet its member organizations during Weeks of Welcome programming. During the Spring semester, chapters with membership opportunities will participate in the Continuous Open Bidding (COB) process. Chapters will individually host events or invite potential new members to get to know the chapter. These events are usually casual and provide a fun and relaxed environment where potential new members are able to get to know active chapter members before potentially joining the organization.

President: Latrice Wilson

Chapter Affiliation: Delta Zeta

Other Campus Involvement: Triton Leader Lead

email-logo.png lnwhq5@umsl.edu

Vice President of Membership & Programming: Taylor Heberer

Chapter Affiliation: Zeta Tau Alpha

Other Campus Involvement: 

email-logo.png tchc8y@umsl.edu

Primary Advisor: Michaela Wells

Campus Position: Coordinator of Student Organizations & Fraternity and Sorority Life

Chapter Affiliation: Alpha Gamma Delta

email-logo.png mswells@umsl.edu

Secondary Advisor: Katie Basler

Campus Position: Graduate Assistant of Student Engagement

Chapter Affiliation: Zeta Tau Alpha

email-logo.png kbasler@umsl.edu

College Panhellenic Association

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Delta Zeta Sorority

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Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority

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