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New Faculty Research Checklist

  • Participate in the Early Career Research Network (ECRN), UMSL’s year long program that helps new faculty get connected to grant getting best practices, collaborators, mentors, and a supportive network of colleagues
  • Take advantage of the ECRN external mentoring program and department and campus mentoring opportunities
  • Read these incredibly helpful resources as soon as you can: 
  • Review campus and department tenure and promotion guidelines and understand expectations in your discipline
  • Get to know the Research Development team and how they can help you develop competitive proposals and build collaborative teams
  • Get to know your sponsored programs team and department grants and contracts staff to learn about the proposal submission process
  • Learn how to find funding and navigate funding agencies
  • Familiarize yourself with Research Development resources on this site such as boilerplate, upcoming workshops, recorded trainings, and resources needed for common proposal components
  • Apply for internal funding including UMSL Travel Grants and UMSL Research Awards  to obtain preliminary data and publications which will position you for larger external awards
  • Have your first proposals reviewed by the Research Development team
  • Get connected to peer reviewers
  • Participate in grant-related trainings to build your skills
  • Attend campus events to meet potential collaborators
  • Reach out to the Associate Dean for Research in your college to share your research interests and learn about college resources to support your research
  • Attend NSF and/or NIH regional conferences
  • Book an appointment with Lena Marvin, UMSL Open Source and Reference Librarian to learn how to put your research products in UMSL’s Institutional Repository Library (IRL) and about open access
  • Develop your research agenda – the questions and problems you aim to explore that can serve as a dynamic roadmap to guide conference, publication and funding target.