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Outgoing Mail

Mail Services is responsible for the processing and delivery of outgoing mail for the University. Over 830,000 pieces of 1st class mail are metered and sent out every year. These pieces are a vital source of communication between the University and its correspondents and are considered time sensitive. All mail received by Mail Services is processed and sent out the same day it is received. All outgoing mail is charged back to the originating department. If a mailing is being prepared for a department other than your own, please provide the appropriate Mail Code for charge back purposes.


1st Class Presort Letters $.586 (1oz and under)

1st Class Letters $.68 (1oz and under)

1st Class Postcards $.53 (between 3.5 X 5 up to 4.25 X 6)

*NOTE: Rates will vary due to weight

Media Mail (Book Rate) 
Library Rate (Library Mail Only) 
International Airmail (Up to 4 Pounds) 
Global Priority Mail (Up to 4 Pounds)
International Priority Mail (Up to 20 Pounds)


Express Mail / Domestic Starts at $30.45
International Express Mail Starts at $59.50 (Additional postage will depend on Country of Destination.) 
Certified w/Return Receipt Starts at $8.73
Insured Mail Available for a variety of classes for the sender specified amount.
Signature Confirmation $4.15 + Postage 
(If not a package or parcel must purchase priority postage to get this service. 
Provides a signature proof of delivery as well as date and time of delivery/attempted delivery.) 
Registered Mail w/Return Receipt Starts at $23.70


  1. Inter-campus mail, domestic mail and international mail should be separated.
  2. Use University printed envelopes and labels whenever possible. Do not reuse envelopes at any time. 
  3. When using window envelopes, make sure the complete address is always visible even when the insert moves. Do not staple the insert inside of the envelope.
  4. Make sure the contents fit completely inside of the envelope.
  5. The size of the envelope should properly accommodate the contents. If an envelope is overstuffed it can burst during processing and the entire contents could be lost or destroyed.
  6. Items such as paper clips, binder clips and any other metal fasteners should not be included in letter sized envelopes. This could cause damage to the mail piece during processing.
  7. Standard business size #10 envelopes can be sealed by Mail Services equipment. These envelopes should be fanned out with the flaps overlapping each other. They can also be left unsealed, but closed (not fanned out.) All other envelopes must be sealed prior to pick up by Mail Services. These should be sealed with tape or glue, not staples.
  8. Include Mail Services account number whenever possible. Contact 5203 if you are not sure of your department's account number. (An e-mail may be requested for authenticity purposes.)