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Tips for Preparing Mail


  • Use PINK campus envelopes whenever possible.
  • List name AND department only. (Room # not necessary, but can be included.)
  • Courier Mail should be clearly marked with its destination included. (Columbia, Kansas City, Rolla, or UM St. Charles.)
  • Separate Campus mail from outgoing USPS mail.


  • Use tabs to seal tri-folded pieces and non-envelope mail.
  • Avoid the use of paper clips and staples. This can cause damage to the mail piece during processing and at USPS.
  • Separate international mail from domestic mail. (This will ensure your mail is not delayed due to incorrect postage.)
  • Include MAILROOM ACCOUNT NUMBER whenever possible. 
    Call 5203 if you are not sure of your number. (An email may be requested for authenticity purposes.)
  • Envelope contents must fit completely inside of envelope to prevent damage to mail piece.
  • All envelopes other than #10 business size envelopes must be sealed by sender before Postal Services receives them.

*NOTE: Inter-campus mail that is in regular white envelopes and not separated from outgoing mail or that is mixed in with large outgoing mailings, runs the risk of having postage put on it and being mailed out. Please separate these pieces in order to avoid this risk.



  • Mailing must have at least 200 pieces.
  • Each piece must have the Non-Profit Org. Permit #3 indicia (stamp) on it …must be pre-printed on the piece or if you have already had your mailing piece printed without the indicia. Mail Services can inkjet the indicia on your mail pieces.
  • All pieces must have UMSL’s return address on them. The Post Office will match up our permit number with the return address for authenticity purposes.
  • All pieces must have the same contents (same size and weight).
  • Sending the mailing to Mail Services already sealed will also maximize savings.
  • Address labels should be typed, no handwriting for bulk mail pieces.
  • Address labels should be applied as straight and even as possible…putting labels on skewed can make the machines not read them and thus cost more to mail.
  • Self-mailing style pieces should be tabbed to stay shut and maximize savings.Note: Use tabs or tape, not staples.
  • Mail Services will fill out Postal Form 3602 and the mail house will bundle the mail and put it in trays with specialized labels with zip code information on them.
  • Call Mail Services at x5203 to have large bulk mailings picked up.
  • If you have other questions or want more detailed instructions for bulk mailings, please feel free to contact Mail Services.