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Developing Intercultural Competence to Move Towards Inclusive Excellence

“When there is a mix (diversity) of differences in how people interact and experience the world around them (culture), it requires the capacity to recognize, navigate, and bridge the complexities of individuals and groups (intercultural competency) if the goal is to ensure people feel value and engaged (inclusion).”

- Intercultural Development Resource Guide

The Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®) is the premier cross-cultural assessment of intercultural competence that is used by thousands of individuals and organizations to build intercultural competence to achieve international and domestic diversity and inclusion goals and outcomes. (Source: https://idiinventory.com)

The IDI is a 50-item questionnaire available online that can be completed in approximately 30 minutes.  It is a theory-based assessment tool that allows individuals and groups to chart their progression along a continuum of cross-cultural competence for the purpose of:

  • Professional development planning to increase cultural competence

  • Group/team feedback to assess strengths and areas of improvement

  • Baseline assessments for program evaluation and benchmarking

This validated and reliable psychometric instrument provides a profile of individual and group orientations towards a wide range of cultural differences. 


Individuals may choose to take the IDI for their own professional development planning. Each individual who completes the assessment receives a customized Intercultural Development Plan (IDP) to guide them towards the next stage of intercultural competence. 

The results of the assessment and an explanation of the Intercultural Development Plan are provided in an in-person debrief by IDI Qualified Administrators. 


A team or department may wish to have all group members take the IDI. A Qualified Administrator will present and explain the Group Profile, which provides an overview of where the group collectively lies (no individual information shared) along the continuum.  This information can be used as baseline measure to assess the effectiveness on professional development programming (followed by taking the assessment after educational initiatives).  The Qualified Administrator can also provide individual assessment results and an explanation of the Intercultural Development Plan.   


The cost to take the assessment for employees of educational institutions is $20/pp for faculty and staff, $13 for students;  $23 for non-profit employees; $33 standard rate

The online assessment takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

The 90- minute GROUP debrief  includes a foundational training in Intercultural Communication as well as an explanation of the group results and a group report.  This standard rate for this session is $800, with a reduced rate of $500 if purchasing individual debriefs. Free for UMSL employees. 

Individual debrief sessions take approximately one hour and are subject to an additional cost ($30 for UMSL employees, all others $50).

For more information or to schedule an assessment, please contact:

Dr. Marlo Goldstein Hode, marlo@umsl.edu 314-516-5669