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Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Leadership

Graduate Certificate

The University of Missouri-St. Louis offers a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management & Leadership. The certificate is an 18-credit-hour program, consisting of nine credit hours of core course requirements and six credit hours that may be chosen from a selection of electives, and a three-credit-hour internship.

In addition, the Nonprofit Management & Leadership Program is one of several focus areas students can select within the Master of Public Policy Administration (MPPA). Credit earned for the graduate certificate can be applied toward the MPPA degree. The certificate is also a concentration within the Master of Social Work (MSW).

The Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Organization Management and Leadership is designed to enable students to learn knowledge and competencies specific to managing, leading, and governing nonprofit and voluntary organizations. These competencies include:

  • Nonprofit management, especially involving staff, volunteer, and board relations and dynamics
  • Mobilizing resources, particularly fund-raising and public relations
  • Financial management, including budgeting
  • Nonprofit law
  • Program planning, management, and evaluation
  • Nonprofit organization governance
  • Leading nonprofit organizations as they interact with their political, economic, and social environments

The graduate certificate can be taken either independently or as a specialization within the MPPA or MSW degrees. The certificate requires the completion of 18 credit hours, as detailed below.

Required Courses (12 credit hours)

Depending on the student’s background, the internship may be waived by the program director and replaced with a 3-credit-hour elective.

Electives (6 credit hours)

Electives are to be taken from select courses in accounting, business administration, economics, management, marketing, political science, psychology, public policy administration, social work, and sociology.

Printable list of required courses

Printable list of approved electives

You must be admitted as a student to the Graduate School of the University of Missouri-St. Louis in order to register for classes.

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page or call (314) 516-6378 for more information on the Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management & Leadership.

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