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NPML Faculty

Dan Sise, J.D.  - Legal Issues in Nonprofit Organizations
Assistant Professional Practice Professor, and
Coordinator, Nonprofit Management & Leadership Program
University of Missouri-St. Louis

Sheryl Foster-Gadkari - Leadership and Management in NPOs
Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration
President, Strategic Impact, Inc.

Emily Lane, M.S., S.P.H.R. - Staff Management Issues in NPOs
Lecturer of Management/Organizational Behavior
University of Missouri-St. Louis

Kitty Nangle Lohrum, M.A. - American Philanthropy and Nonprofit Resources Development
Chief Advancement Officer
National Council of the US Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Inc.

Heather Rich, M.A. - American Philanthropy and Nonprofit Resources Development
Senior Donor Advisor 
Alzheimer's Association 

Chris Tkach, C.P.A., C.G.M.A. - Financial Issues in NPOs
Rubin Brown

Office Support
Nonprofit Management and Leadership
University of Missouri-St. Louis

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