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Internship: Sociology 4385

Sociology Internship Program

The Sociology Internship Program is designed to provide junior and senior sociology students with the opportunity to work hands-on in the community and to gain practical knowledge and experience.

The program provides students the opportunity to connect sociological theory to the “real world.” Throughout the semester students will actively apply their sociological knowledge to gain a deeper understanding of their internship experiences. Participation in the program requires both on-site and academic work. Course credit is available to those students who fulfill the requirements of the internship program. 


Key parts of a successful sociology internship are

  • Working with a community-engaged company, non-profit, or other organization
  • ~10 hours a week working (~120 hrs total)
  • Approval of the site supervisor
  • Completing an “internship proposal” with the site supervisor and sponsoring faculty member 
  • Maintaining a journal of work experiences and reflections shared with the faculty sponsor
  • Completing and submitting a summary paper describing the internship experience and reflecting on Sociology themes. Length and scope of this paper will be determined by the faculty sponsor


 The Department policy for enrolling in such an internship is reflected in the following steps:

  1. Find a community-focused / sociologically relevant organization that is willing to hire you as an intern. The position can be paid or unpaid.
  2. Contact a sociology faculty member to determine if they are willing to sponsor your internship.
  3. Complete the internship proposal form (see below); attain your site supervisor’s acknowledgment; submit the form to your sponsor.
  4. If approved, enroll in SOC 4385 under your sponsors section and for the appropriate # of SCH (most often 3).
  5. Get started!


SOC 4385 is generally graded on a scale of A-F by the faculty sponsor. The faculty sponsor will consult with the site supervisor to discuss student effectiveness, engagement, and growth during the internship.  The sponsor will also review the reflections and the final summary paper before determining a final grade.


Sociology Internship Proposal Form(MS Word .docx format - right click, save as)