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The Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Studio Art has the following learning outcomes:

  • to develop visual and verbal responses to visual phenomena, and organize perceptions and conceptualizations both rationally and intuitively;
  • to become familiar with the major achievements in the history of art and design, including the works and intentions of leading artists and designers in the past and present;
  • to develop the capacity to identify and/or solve problems within a variety of physical, technological, social, and cultural contexts;
  • to understand and evaluate contemporary thinking about art or design;
  • to become familiar with and develop competence in a number of art or design techniques;
  • to make valid assessments of quality and effectiveness in design projects and works of art, especially their own.

To support its teaching and research objectives, the department maintains an extensive and expanding collection of digital images. The collection includes examples of painting, sculpture, architecture, photography and decorative arts, and is under the supervision of a professional visual resource curator, who is available for special assistance to staff and students.

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Studio Art, Bachelor of Fine Arts

Studio Art, BFA